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Shout-Out! Go Watch My Friend~

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 8, 2014, 9:24 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Wow, I'm alive.

Meow, go and watch this beautiful, talented artist.~
--> CanidClue <--

She's my babe. 

[Portrait]: Distinguished Lighting by DemonWolfAtreiyu
[Portrait]: Distinguished Lighting
"Time spent with cats is never wasted. In ancient times, cats were worshiped as Gods; they will never forget this, and neither should you. Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort - Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons. If we treat them well, they will do the same."

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 takes very high-definition photos, especially for a phone, that is. But, yes, look ah mah fuckin' kitty - he's so grown up! He went from a cute, innocent rascal, into a beautiful, fun-loving womanizer! Huhu, he's going to get all the ladies, no doubt! My little Bengal has grown up into a fat, fluffy terror; he's mine, all mine. 

Photography (c) Me.
Halloween: Fright Night Outfit by DemonWolfAtreiyu
Halloween: Fright Night Outfit
MovieWorld hosts this event every year, called 'Fright Night' - celebrating Halloween at its finest. Zombies, clowns, horror mazes, lit-up rides, and base-drop music to surround the Theme Park! It goes on for the whole month of October, and I'll be going there this weekend, in my corset outfit. Looking forward to it.~

Fright Nights (previously Halloween Family Fun Nights and Halloween Fright Nights) is a seasonal Halloween event held at 'Warner Bros MovieWorld' on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The event began in 2006, as Halloween Family Fun Night on a single night event, and has since evolved into a major park event across the entirety of the month.

If you're on the Gold Coast, or close to Movieworld in general, hurry in to get your tickets online.
--> Buy Fright Night Tickets Here <--

Photography (c) Me.
Holiday Seasons by DemonWolfAtreiyu
Holiday Seasons
Wow, haven't posted in a while, 'aye? I went on holidays for a while, and on top of that, I've been working a lot more than usual. But, anywho, this is an outfit I wore to my Aunty's wedding - and, yes, I do have quite a big phone. Can't go wrong on Samsung's, am I right? My mother ended up booking me in for a spray tan, too, without my consent... Can't really complain - does it suit me, or not? I don't even know, 'cause I can't even.


Photography (c) Me.

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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 7:58 PM
Your Title - version 2.0


Lead, Leader, Head, Regal, Boss, Chieftain, Commander, Conductor, Dignitary, Doyen, Eminence, Exec, General, Luminary, Notability, Notable, Officer, Pacesetter, Precursor, Rector, Ruler, Superior.
Frame, Silhouette, Figure, Form, Bodice, Physique, Façade, Mass, Bulk, Torso, Flank (side), Platform (back), Anatomy, Constitution, Chassis, Embodiment, Protplasim, Tenement, Morotal Part, Bod, Structure, Stature, Rump (rear end), Shape, Stern (rear end), Girth, Platform (back), Pleuron(flank), Lithe, Barrel.
Hide, Pelt, Fleece, Derma, Canvas, Dreads, Tendrils, Threads, Tresses, Coils, Ribbons, Locks, Silks, Tapestry, Pelage, Armour, Ectoderm.
Hue, Tint, Stain, Pigment, Dye, Shade.
Lobes, Auds, Audrey’s, Auditives, Auditories, Dublets, Lappets, Thorns, Flutes, Receptors, Tulips, Antennae, Harks, Radars, Listeners, Doublets, Orrilles, Aerials, Acoustics, Apparatus, Tympanums, Duos, Cochlea, Diagnostics, Pricks, Twin Pinnacles, Twin Zeniths, Spires, Towers, Ayricles, Orioles, Convexity, Excurvation, Protuberance.
Orbs, Orbits, Occuli, Orics, Oculars, Oracles, Optics, Oids, Oculus, Pools, Luminaries, Spheres, Lanterns, Visions, Visionaries, Chasms, Tabiries, Lamps, Orcia, Voids, Lampis, Lampistra, Slits, Ogles.
Lupa, Femme, Femmoria, Femmora, Femminia, Fatale, Fem, Lamia, Brutale, Vix, Vixetta, Hellion, Maiden, Valkyrie, Bruja, Lorelei, She-Beast, She-Wolf, Femorette, Feminique, Demoness, Lothario, Enchantress, Tempest, Mistress, Dame, Damsel, Seductress, Dove, Madam, Beastian, Baroness, Duchess, Virago, Figurine, Huntress, Lamia, Brutale, Nymph, Paramour, Matriarch, Diabla, Regina, Seraph, Zanthippe, Deviless.
Head / Face;
Cranium, Cranial, Crania, Crown, Skull, Skullage, Pate, Apex, Palette (face), Visage (face), Capitulum, Cerebrum, Vertex, Attic, Blefary, Scalp, Coutenance, Culmination, Cranial Casing, Zenith, Plat, Globe, Pallet, Tiare, Appearance, Aspect, Cast, Clock, Simulacrum, Physiognomy.
Front, Temples, Tiara, Crown.
Appendages, ‘Pendages, Pedates, Nadirs, Pistons, Limbs, Pillars, Pistons, Fores (front legs), Hinds (back legs), Braces, Members, Parts, Poles, Props, Sections, Segments, Stakes, Stilts, Uprights, Supports, Fulcrums, Appendai, Pendions, Foundations, Skewers.
Platform, Slope, Plateau, Support, Summus, Tergum, Verterbrae.
Abdomen, Solar Plexus, Belly, Gastro, Ventriculus, Gorge (stomach bile).
Labrums, Labrales, Labra, Labia, Velvets, Modules, Jowels, Rims, Labios.
Disambiguation, Lapper, Lapplet, Licker, Elucidate.
Casanova, Womaniser, Philanderer, Lupe, Masculine, Masculinity, Mascu, Brute, Brujo, He-Beast, Hessian, Demon, Bruje’, Titan, Guardian, Courser, Knight, Monarch, Tempter, Master, Gladiator, God, Czar, Virile, Beast, Lord, Agnatic, Andic, Androcentric, Anthropic, Arrhenotokous, Patrilineal, Patripotestal.
Dial, Mandible, Mug, Maw, Muzzle, Snout, Jaw, Proboscis, Bone, Orifice, Velveteen Nares, Cavern, Mandibular, Embouchement, Maxilla, Chops, Jowls, Trap, Demitasse.
Talons, Claws, Blades, Digits, Daggers, Crooks, Swords, Scimitars, Barbs, Hooks, Spurs, Grapplers, Retractile, Razors, Manus, Phalanges.
Neck / Throat;
Column, Crest, Nape, Décolletage, Isthmus (actual neck), Cave, Strait, Jugular, Pharynx (throat), Larynx (voice box), Wind Pipe, Serpentine, Barrel (throat), Trachea (throat), Curvantine, Oesophagus, Curvature, Gullet, Fauces, Vipe.
Nares, Narettes, Cresents, Nasal Passages, Oxygenators, Zaphyrs, Velveteen Nares, Proboscis, Olfactory, Nozzle, Prow, Emocle, Sniffer, Scenter, Bridge.
Pads, Mitts.
Youth, Adolescent, Lass (female), Lad (male), Rogue, Bella (female), Youngling, Brat, Brood, Youngster, Heir, Juvenile, Fledgling, Yearling, Springs, Bray (male), Puerile, Infant, Tyke, Coxcomb, Dandy, Whelp.
Swatter, Banner, Fifth Appendage, Tassle, Rope, Extension, Plume, Plummage, Pendulum, Whip, Caudal, Ribbons, Empennage, Empennage, Extremity, Posterior.
Incisors, Fangs, Ivories, Enamles, Points, Projections, Pearls, Syringes, Dentals, Carnassial, Bicuspid, Dentures, Canines, Chompers.

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