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-- Faith -- by DemonWolfAtreiyu -- Faith -- by DemonWolfAtreiyu
It's been a while since I've uploaded something... Thought I'd start to show you all my characters by using, "Feral Hearts". When I get my other computer back, I promise I will draw lots more again! So, any-who...

This is my new character Faith! She is apart of an Indian Tribe that took her in as one of their own when she was a small pup. Most of her past is unknown, but she has a kind, sweet, down to earth nature. "Why does she have purple eyes?" You might ask. Well, when she was born, having rare eyes means that her heart and soul is pure among an ancient tribal pack that was descended 100's of years back.

Name: Faith.
Gender: Female.
Age: 2.
Weight: 160lbs (72.5748kg).
Height: 5ft.
Pack: Loner; looking for one to join.
Status: -----------
Marital Status: Single.
Date of Birth: May 3rd, 2011.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Favorites / Likes: Hunting; fighting; playing with others; teasing enemies; jumping around.
Skills / Talents: Speedy; masculine strength; intimidating others.
Goals / Ambitions: Become leading Beta of a pack.
Hobbies / Interests: Wondering off; playing in the water; collecting gemstones; training.
Dislikes: Rival packs; bitter food; angry wolves; bugs.
Fears / Weakness: Heights; disasters (Fires, cyclones, etc...); Alpha's.
Strengths / Advantages: Speed; combat; hunting; protecting; excellent hearing; light-weighted paws (footsteps hardly heard); good sense of smell.
Breed: Canadian wolf.
Temperament: Kind, sweet, down to earth nature - peaceful.
Pelt Colours: Sandy yellow, fading into a light beige.</i>
Eye Colour: Purple (moderated violet).
Distinguishing Marks: None.
Family Details: Mother died giving birth. Never knew her father or siblings.

The "Beyond Bloodshed" Book cover! Drawn by =DracKeagan

Game ~KovuLKD [FeralHeart]
Character Faith Mine.

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November 16, 2012
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